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Vintage Charlie!

It's been a bit quiet here so I dug up some old bits and pieces. Here's a few clips from TVGoHome, the show based on his Radio Times Parody. Unnovations AND a whole page from his comic strip 'Horny Estelle' which used to be collected in full on his (long dead) website.

Cut for length. Plenty of Brooker goodies here!Collapse )

Newswipe Series 2

On every Tuesday BBC4 10.30pm. We're already 2 episodes in and you can get them on the BBC iPlayer HERE!

This. Is beautiful. And lolsome.


The politics of sharing a bed

The Guardian

"Does the way we sleep reveal the true nature of our relationships, wonders Tim Dowling, while writers and celebrities reveal their bedroom secrets"

The Guardian, Saturday 23 January 2010

Charlie Brooker:

I find it difficult enough to face people during the day, let alone at night, when I'm trying to sleep. Whenever I share a bed, I find it impossible to nod off without turning my back on the other party. I can't lie there breathing toward someone else's body. They might move and accidentally kick me in the mouth or something. And I can't lie on my back or on my stomach all night – that's just weird. I think it's down to slight claustrophobia. I can't seem to sleep without having a free line of escape, and all my limbs devoid of restriction. Even on the coldest night, I have to keep at least 30% of my body outside the duvet (roughly 30%, anyway; I don't measure it. I'm not a psychopath). So at least I'm not a duvet hog. That's one small point in my favour. On the downside, I have a tendency to wake in the night and scream and stab people.